Yellow is the new black

Yellow is the new black

I definitely need an injection of bright colours in my wardrobe come June. I am, after all, the eternal optimist but one who also believes that if I dress in happy yellow, the sun will always be with me. Hello sunshine! Goodbye rain! Sure, I know that this makes me sound like a tv commercial for fabric freshener but hey, what do I care, summer is finally here!

So let’s start with the perfect yellow shoes. French Sole’s Henrietta flats are exactly what I was looking for to pair with my yellow-striped midi dress and matching tote bag. They come in the most stylish shade of yellow, are a real wardrobe staple, as well as being the perfect addition to complete any summer look. Henrietta ballet flats are also super comfortable and the crocodile-effect patent leather looks divine. With adorable matching yellow trim, the package is complete, making an everyday wear classic, extremely stylish and effortlessly chic.

Now that I’ve chosen my yellow ensemble, I decided to continue the theme throughout my flat and filled every room with flowers. To the point where you might mistake it for being a flower shop. Daffodils were my choice, little bright yellow rays of sunshine which symbolise rebirth, new beginnings, as well as bringing luck and prosperity. My look and my surroundings now radiate super positivity but as I glance in my wardrobe’s full-length mirror, I wonder, if I have gone too far. A quick swap of my yellow tote to a black shoulder bag and the look is utter perfection. The Henrietta crocs now stand out even more. After all, it’s all about the shoes, isn’t it? And of course, the flowers have to stay, they’ll bring luck and one hopes, more shoes!

I’m very curious how other French Sole fans are styling their French Sole Henrietta flats. Do mention #frenchsole on your Instagram and I’ll be reposting the most creative looks on our FS page.


French Sole Henrietta Yellow CrocFrench Sole Henrietta Croc


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