Welcome to the new Roaring Twenties!

Welcome to the new Roaring Twenties!

Welcome to the new Roaring Twenties! And whether you think this version will be like The Great Gatsby or Peaky Blinders, as you step into the new decade, either way, why not do it in style. That was my justification at least, not that I ever need any, for picking up something a little special after my recent countdown to midnight; a pair of Marion Loafers from French Sole. They are the bees-knees amongst shoes, the real cat’s meow. So chic and so elegant, that you can wear them with anything and to any occasion. After all, loafers are the quintessential classic that will never go out of style.


Case in point. Wanting to look casual chic for my first business meeting of the year, I wore mine paired with checkered-wool pants, a matching jacket and a baker boy hat, an accessory that has circled back into vogue yet again. Needless to say, my casual-chic outfit was a great success. So much so, my very fashionable client agreed to everything that I had to say! Her eagerness to wrap the meeting up so quickly, undoubtedly being swayed by her desire to run to French Sole and buy a pair of Marion shoes for herself.


And who could blame her! But she’ll have to make one decision for herself when she gets to the shop, as I didn’t tell her that the Marion style comes in black and brown. Two staple colours that are equally elegant and exactly what every woman needs in her wardrobe this season. And have I mentioned that they are so soft and comfortable that you will never want to take them off? Running around town from meeting to meeting, or yet another passer-by chasing me to find out where my shoes are from has never been easier.


With love,
Amélie Florentine



Marion loafers







Brown loafers