Welcome to the French Sole blog!

Welcome to the French Sole blog!

I’m very excited to welcome you to the French Sole blog, written by me, Amélie Florentine. An eternal optimist, dreamer who loves beauty in all its forms but also one who has a penchant for art, everything with a flower motif and for pink cakes! I also invariably keep a good book by my side as I travel the world in my French Sole shoes which I pair all of my fashion looks with. They’re so versatile and go so perfectly with any outfit I choose. Like last night, an evening at the opera, for which I settled on my beloved black velvet Hefner style slippers with floral embroidery, as fittingly, it was 19th Century Gentlemen’s Opera shoes that inspired the creation of these velvet beauties.

I knew that I wanted my Hefner style slippers with an Oriental flower motif to be centre-stage of my look for the evening and my first option was to match them with trousers and a silk blouse. Perfect but too understated for the occasion. So I switched to a pencil skirt which was again a faultless match but then it came to me, like the first blossom of spring, I opted for a dress with a flower-adorned cardigan, simple, harmonious and I thought it was a fitting choice to usher in the new season.

Though I could have gone with any of those looks, what remained firmly in place were my French Sole slippers with flower embroidery, an unrivalled solution for the discerning quaintrelle who values comfort, beauty and grace. Simple choice, for the moment at least. However, I have to admit that I’m presently salivating over another pair, with the dreamy butterfly embroidery motif and there’s also the embroidered peacock feather, which are more than beautiful, they are divinely worthy of adoration and definitely next on my list of additions!

I’m very curious how other French Sole fans are styling their slippers! Do mention #frenchsoleblogbyamelie on your Instagram and I’ll be reposting the most creative looks on our FS page.

With love,

Amélie Florentine


Hefner Navy Velvet Feather                                        Hefner Black Velvet Flowers                                   Hefner Navy Velvet Butterflies