The Velvet Luxury

The Velvet Luxury

With the luxury of time on my hands before the start of Paris Fashion Week, I elected to take a stroll on the streets of the French capital with my pair of beautiful French Sole Hefner slippers. Rather than pursue my usual well-worn routes, I decided that I would try something different and explore one of my favourite buildings, The Palais Garnier. After all, surely one of the world’s great opera houses, would be the perfect compliment to my slippers made from sumptuous black velvet adorned with gold embroidered tassels.

Accompanied by my recently purchased satin-panelled straight leg pants and oversized pussy-bow blouse, my French Sole Hefner slippers eagerly entered the Palais to begin their guided tour of the building. First was the Rotonde des Abonnes with its heavy pillars and mosaic floor and then, the most breath-taking spectacle which is the Grand Escalier. Such a beautiful staircase that has surely seen the most elegant women ascend it wearing exquisite couture, while the scent of delicate perfumes filled the air.

While I pondered pensively a few steps up, leaning against its marble balustrade, I hadn’t noticed but I had become the centre of an impromptu fashion show of my own creation. A group of passersby, perhaps equally entranced by its beauty and seeing me looking so romantically posed, asked if they could photograph me on the steps. Naughty French Sole Hefner slippers I thought, no matter where I go, they always know how to become the centre of attention.

I’m very curious how other French Sole fans are styling their French Sole Hefner Slippers. Do mention #frenchsoleblogbyamelie on your Instagram and I’ll be reposting the most creative looks on our FS page.

With love,

Amélie Florentine