The Purrfect Velvet Slippers

The Purrfect Velvet Slippers

I would like to announce that I’m very excited to have found the purrfect pair of velvet slippers for a weekend of fun. The brand new, breathtaking and dripping in opulence Emoji Zoo collection by French Sole. Shoes not only luxurious and elegant but also with a very playful side to them in the form of gorgeous and adorable cat embroidery.

My new kitty flats with their metallic heel are the real cat’s meow and deserve to be shown around London. And what better occasion to wear them, than to a friends’ reunion. No, not a gathering of people who like to talk about how Ross and Rachel could never have worked out as a couple in real life, but rather some girlfriends, who I haven’t seen in a very, very long time. The catch-up was planned for an afternoon, in a restaurant along London’s South Bank, and though this was obviously an occasion to impress, looking my best, I also didn’t want to appear as though I’d tried too hard.

Something casual, yet chic, I kept repeating to myself while turning the entire wardrobe upside down. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours. Exhausted, I collapsed on my bed, curled up into a ball and began stroking the velvet of my new French Sole slippers. That was when I saw it, the green calling out to me, not of envy for a simpler life but the emerald green jumpsuit that had been silently hanging in the corner of my closet collecting dust all winter. My precious! Where have you been hiding?  That’s when I realised, the only thing I never have to look for is my footwear. French Sole shoes are always within my reach, always the perfect choice, no matter what the occasion.  I think my friends will be impressed.




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