The perfect indoor shoes!

The perfect indoor shoes!

Like all of us under lockdown, for the past… I’ve actually lost track of how long it’s been, period of time, I’ve been “working” from the comfort of my bijou residence while watching the walls slowly close in on me. I think you all know how I feel. To keep my spirits up, I’ve been finding great pleasure in playing dress-up. One day, it’s a soirée in Sardinia, the next a pyjama party in Paris. In fact, the pyjamas have featured quite regularly in my ensembles but always, and I mean this most sincerely, always on each and every occasion, with a different pair of beautiful shoes. I mean, a girl has to keep some degree of self-dignity during these trying times. Velvet slippers make for the perfect selection of footwear for this type of indoor activity and I can think of no better choice than French Sole’s sumptuous selections, each with a different toe design.


When you tire of the endless parties, however, why not turn to sport for a little extra bit of cardio. In fact, I’m organising the shoe shopping world championships right now from the comfort of my sofa. Let me explain the rules of the game. First of all, you need to take a favourite dress from your closet, place it next to your laptop or smartphone and open French Sole’s website. Now, stretch your imagination, really stretch it and don’t be tempted to rush through this part. Take your time, peruse the perfect footwear to complete your ensemble and when you’ve found it, press down hard on add to cart and voilà! You’ve completed a round. If you’re playing with friends, the first to match their entire wardrobe to shoes found on the French Sole website wins!


Those are just a few ideas of things to do to help get you through and don’t worry that you can’t wear your perfect ensemble in the great outdoors just yet. Your wardrobe will thank you for the makeover. Stay positive, stay safe and keep on shopping for shoes!


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