The glitter season is upon us!

The glitter season is upon us!

Though I would love to consider myself to be more a Sex in the City Carrie Bradshaw than a Rory Gilmore Girl, I know that ultimately, I’m more literati than glitterati. That all changes at this time of the year, however, when the Christmas party season is upon us. It’s a time to shine, to sparkle, to get on your glad rags and be seen out on the town. And I couldn’t do it without my beautiful glittery French Sole flats.

Yes, French Sole have a range of gleaming gems, perfect for partying the night away. My personal preference was to choose a pair in the purest of pink but they also come in many different shimmering colour combinations. My friend from Boston, visiting me for a short time, chose a bold mix of green and blue, which looked simply perfect for the season. The third member of our group, the one who we not so secretly call Charlotte, well, she was true to type during our recent shopping spree at French Sole, chose a pair of black Henrietta flats made of luxurious satin with a crystal toe cap. Very sophisticated.

Though we’ve known each other since university, it’s not often that we’re all together anymore, our busy lives see us constantly on the move. So it warms me to my wintery heart that we were able to get together now, three ladies in search of glittering parties to attend, for the few weeks that we’ll be together again. And though there are many fashionable affairs on offer, we’re being very selective. They’ll need to be special, it is the end of the decade after all and our French Sole dazzlers demand the very best. Nothing less!


French Sole glitter flats

French Sole large glitter

French Sole black satin flats

Blallet flats glitter