The Colour of Eternal Summer

The Colour of Eternal Summer

With Summer holidays abroad officially cancelled, I’ve found a new way to keep those lazy hazy days feeling so good. It’s called staying with friends and today I had the most perfect morning. I awoke to the sound of birds singing outside my window, a portal which looked out upon a garden filled with a sea of yellow sunflowers. Meanwhile, from the kitchen below, I could smell freshly made hot chocolate and home-baked croissants. Yes, my best friend truly does live like a character out of Disney and her 5-star guest experience could give Hôtel Plaza Athénée a run for its money.


What I love about her most though is that she and I can talk for days and days about shoes. Doubt me not, last night we spoke at length about why I only brought five pair with me for the week and all in tan. For me, I explained, there can be only one colour that’s quintessential with Summer, and that is tan. It never goes out of style and you can pair it with practically any piece of garment in any other colour. Yes, it may not have been the most intellectual of conversations but like the white linen dress that I’ll be wearing this morning, lighten up! P.S. You might also want to consider accessorising that with a brown belt embellished with a gold buckle. A great backdrop for those brand new tan-tastic French Sole Penelope Mule Flats which are perfection and available!


All I needed, to make the look truly complete now, was an over-sized straw hat and a caramel ice-cream! Sadly, however, Summer, just like the delicious ice-cream that I was presently fantasising about, just doesn’t last forever. Do keep in mind though that the colour tan will look as great with your Autumn wardrobe as it does with your Summer one. Which makes it what I’ll now be calling it, the colour of eternal Summer.



Lola Honey Tan Leather


Penelope Ankle Tie Tan Leather


Penelope Mule Tan Leather