Christmas French Sole-shopping extravaganza!

Christmas French Sole-shopping extravaganza!
Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of year again, when chintzy Christmas songs cheerfully echo throughout shopping-mall-land and all manner of items are bought for loved ones that we know, deep down, they won’t really stand. I, however, can proudly exclaim, that I do not partake of this yuletide game. Rather, I give back to the arts and to this raison d’être my family agree, while we shop in French Sole on a shoe buying spree.
You see, we like to joke, my family and I, that we are in fact, collectors of art and that these beautiful soles are true gifts of creativity. We call this time of year, our Christmas French Sole-shopping extravaganza. So I have it marked on my calendar with a picture of the French Sole slipper pair, that are missing in my wardrobe. And this season, I’ve been salivating over the divine red velvet slippers with gold cherub. So decadent, so luxurious, the perfect footwear for such festive frivolities. These red beauties will go perfectly paired with my little black dress and a red belt.
Moving on to thinking for the family, as is always the case with French Sole, I’m spoiled for choice. But as I opted for red for myself, I thought it would be fitting to fill all the Christmas stockings with red shoes as well. Red patent croc Amelie for my girlfriends, the Henrietta style for my cousins and a very special pair of red glitter Love Heart for my mom, the woman with whom I share a special bond, a proclivity for very frequent shoe-shopping. Remember, that everything is allowed in December. Happy Holidays to all!
With love,
Amélie Florentine




French Sole red velvet slippers




french sole velvet Hefner



French Sole Red Amelie croc




French Sole Henrietta red patent croc