Shimmer into Summer

Shimmer into Summer

We’re at the end of July – can you believe we are now officially over halfway through with 2021!? Maybe it hasn’t been exactly the year any of us were dreaming of, but guess what I have been dreaming of that has magically come true? Oh alright, I’m sure you guessed correctly. Of course it’s shoes, what else am I ever thinking about? Last time I left you lovely readers a little update, I was all about the slippers – well now I’m all about the classic ballets!

Going back to work full-time has been a weird transition – as I’m sure it was for you too! – but you know what always helps make a transition a little smoother? A comfortable, sturdy pair of shoes to take that scary step in. So, knowing that I would be heading back to full-time hours without being able to hide my pyjama trousers from a camera by using my desk, I felt strongly that I needed the support of some beautiful ballet flats to get my confidence back marching into my office for five days a week instead of my casual three-day-a-week setup. A daunting prospect, made slightly less so with the comfort of my favourite brand on my feet. In times of uncertainty or anxiety we naturally look for familiarity and comfort – and what’s more comforting than grounding yourself in a pair of cheerful, stunning shoes?

Enough about me, onto the shoes themselves. French Sole came through for me just when I needed them most, getting new styles in of one of my favourite ballet flat styles – the reliable Amelie. When I headed into store for a top-up, I found myself staring at two pairs of beautiful metallic finish Amelie, one in sophisticated silver and one in a grand shade of gold. Suitably snazzy, but still classic enough to be an everyday wardrobe staple, I snatched up the silver for myself – perfect to jazz up my office outfits and add a bit of sparkle and cheer to my days.

While I was there I noticed new stock of sizing in the Amelie classics – the nude, navy AND black quilted leathers! Each finished with a bold black patent toecap, I almost missed out on purchasing my pairs last time around. So if I was guilty of snatching up the last pair in your size, never fear – they are available again now!

Best of luck to all of you looking for some comfort during this time of transition – when things get overwhelming, remember: a pair of your favourite shoes on your feet and a good cup of tea will fix you right up.

Until next time! As always, stay safe.


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