Pirouette in Perfect Pink

Pirouette in Perfect Pink

Hello once again, my dear readers!

Welcome to what is apparently the start of a September heatwave. I suppose I’ll just put my cute burnt orange jumper back into my wardrobe for another few weeks….sigh.

But on the – ahem –  sunny side, that gives us all a little longer to bask in the warmth and show the world our summer styles. Luckily for us all, as always, French Sole has got our backs with their beautiful and bold ballet flats, which can help us step out with our feet looking gorgeous during this unpredictable seasonal transition. Without further ado, let me introduce you to my current go-to flats for everyday comfort whether the weather – yes, bit of a tongue twister – is what we are expecting or not!

Imagine my surprise when on my latest little outing to my favourite little shoe shop I found a brand new style on show! In limited sizes, the new shoe – the Pirouette – perfectly matches up to the elegance of it’s name. Bright colours make a bold statement which can be paired with so many different outfits thanks to their simplicity and versatility. Available in a summery white, strong black, a warm tone of cream, sophisticated grey patent crocodile, or (my favourite, obviously) a fabulous fuchsia. I pop on my pair anytime I need to add a dash of colour to an outfit.

Not only can my stunning fuchsia pink bring a new dimension to my wardrobe, but so can my latest addition to my Amelie collection. Yes, once again I want to show off my admiration for Amelie! I managed to find a steal in their gentle, soft rose pink ballet flats. Perfectly comfortable and able to bring a subtle softness to any outfit, I like to pair them with my jeans and a sweet simple pink tshirt or floaty floral tank top on a sunny day (always with a cardigan in my bag just in case! I am in London after all)

So there you have it, dear readers, yet more amazing shoes to take yourself out and about – come rain or sun!

Until next time, as always, stay safe