New Year, New Shoes

New Year, New Shoes

Let me tell you something: I have never, ever, been into the ‘New Year, You You’ motif. For one thing there is nothing wrong with ‘old me’ – or any of you, wonderful readers. Stepping into January the 1st does not magically make the ‘you’ from December 31st any less of a star. However, it does make it a New Year, so why not step your same self into 2021 with a brand new pair of shoes!

French Sole is absolutely spoiling us for choice with their new collection; I’ll get started with the jaguar. Not only have they just come out with the gorgeous, classic Amelie in jaguar for a bold everyday look, they have also stunned me with not one, but TWO new Love Heart styles coordinating one of my favourite prints. We have the sophisticated, smart black suede body made playful with a jaguar print love heart. Or we have the playful, striking jaguar body with a glittery red love heart (and we all know glitter is the way to my heart). I pair mine with my black business suit when I’m on a zoom conference – business in the clothes, party in the shoes! If it looks like I keep glancing at my notebook and smiling in glee, no one needs to know that I’m actually beaming at my sparkling red hearts under the table.

If that isn’t to your taste, never fear – another new appearance on the French Sole Menu are two brand new Amelie crocodile print colours. You can go deep, rich burgundy, and step into January with confidence (whether that’s stepping out for your daily walk or stepping into your living room for a new show binge watch). On the other hand, you can go for a calm, uplifting taupe, for a day where you need a bit of neutrality. Both made with that luxurious patent crocodile finish, you can’t go wrong!

So dear reader, don’t go into 2021 looking to chastise yourself for missing the odd gym session last year. You don’t need a ‘New You’, and you definitely don’t need to be so hard on yourself with all that’s gone on in the world in the past twelve months. What you need is to look in the mirror, remind yourself that you’re amazing as you are, and pop on your new French Soles ready to face the year with your chin up high!

As always, stay safe



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