Mumma Mia!

Mumma Mia!

Hello, my lovely readers!

Welcome back to March, here we are again. It’s a very special week this week – mother’s day is here! I love this time of year – although I love dear mummy to pieces, sometimes I forget to make sure I show her how much I appreciate everything she does for me, and it’s so lovely to devote a day to treating her every year!

This year I’ll be treating my mum to some of her favourite French Sole styles (and maybe digging a bit deeper into my purse to treat myself as well! I love marching down the street with mum wearing matching pairs of beautiful ballet flats!) Now, I had a bit of a challenge ahead of me; selecting the perfect shoes for the perfect parent.

After much deliberation I made my choices; starting with the sleek Opera Slipper in black velvet. Although there are embroidered versions of the Opera slipper to chose from, I know mum loves to keep her style simple and then go crazy with accessories and jewellery, so the luxury of the black velvet and the small heel to boost her height is just the right balance of elegant and understated. My next choice is the Amelie (of course!) in the Taupe/Beige patent crocodile design, which I know will go with almost all of her summer wardrobe and ease the transition into wearing lighter and brighter clothes with ease. Last, but never least, is the Marion – I know the gold buckle with perfectly tie together any outfits which she wants to jazz up with her collection of gold jewelery, and in face, I can picture perfectly the match between the Marion and her favourite belt, a bold black leather with a gold feather-metal design buckle. Amazing!

Of course, if your mother has slightly more complicated tastes than my own, you know what to do – gift card it! You can’t go wrong when you give the give of choice!

Have a lovely mother’s day dear readers

Stay safe