March Your Way into April

March Your Way into April

It’s six in the evening and the sky hasn’t quite settled into darkness – a sure sign that the days are getting longer and the sun starting to shine a little brighter! With the air feeling a bit warmer, the grass looking a little greener, and the blossom trees in the park starting to bloom beautifully, spring is surely getting into it’s stride. And yes, you can bet I’m getting into my stride too – striding around the pond everyday for my daily walk in my wonderful French Soles, watching all of the lovely flowers starting to sprout!

The roadmap out of lockdown grows ever closer, and it’s a scary time for us all – a big change in our lifestyles, our social lives (I can’t remember if I know how to talk to people properly when I’m not on zoom) and, of course, our styles – no longer can I get away with wearing joggers beneath my business blouses while I’m on calls.

So, my beautiful readers, what have I got in store for you as the season of socialising approaches?

At the moment I am all about the flats. When I step back into the office, I want to wow everyone with my brand new collection of ballets – I have a certain reputation to uphold, naturally. So I’ve taken a deep dive to see what’s missing from my wardrobe and dug up some wonders. Firstly, I’ve gone for a pair of Amelie – as always, a classic for every occasion – opting for a variation of one of my all-time most worn purchases (the quilted nude with the black toe cap). I’ve found a divine version that matches a smart, sleek navy quilted body with the black toecap – classy, perfect for a day at the office but still cute enough that I won’t need to change when we’re done for the day and heading towards the nearest pub garden!

Not only that, but I’ve also found another classic I was missing – the lola, versatile and easy to wear with anything, in a perfect, simple grey for days when I’m not feeling my toecap (you can even get this one in a quilted, if you want something a little more snazzy). Or, if you’re wanting something a little brighter to draw a bit more attention on your step back into centre stage at the office, you could opt for the Henrietta patent croc in a perfect summery blue. Guaranteed to brighten your mood when you’re heading in for your second day at work and already feeling fed up!

So, as spring gets into bloom and we get set for Easter, treat yourself to some springtime French Soles ready to jump back out into the world with a smile on your face and a stride in your step!

As always, stay safe, dear readers.



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