Love is In the Air!

Love is In the Air!

Hello dear readers!

Valentine’s day is coming upon us fast. Flowers are blooming, huge bouquets of perfect pink and deep red roses are bursting on every street corner. Florists are excited, many husbands are stressed. Three course meals for two are on special offer in all the supermarkets (and yes, I have bought several of them with it very clear in my mind that they shall be being entirely consumed by myself, with no aid from any significant other).

Some people are in love with life, some are in love with other people, some are in love with themselves. Whoever or whatever you love, it’s a beautiful time of year and a joyous celebration – when you remove the pressure of the romanticism attached to the date 14th February, you are left with simply an entire day devoted to one of the strongest, softest, most connecting emotions there is – LOVE.

And I’ll tell you, dear readers, what I love. Yes, that’s right. I love shoes.

SO. Let me jump in and give you the gossip on my latest loves.

This year I’ve really gotten into the spirit of things, and my selections for my February wardrobe encapsulate everything Love. First of all, of course, I’m starting with my all-time favourite – which I am sure you all know by now – the Amelie ballet flat. Now, this season I’ll be sticking to my two romantic favourites, the light pink and nude leather styles. Amelie, with it’s almond toe, cushioned insoles for all-day comfort, high toe vamp and sweet, adjustable bow, is the essential ballet flat for everyday wear.

The pink, perfectly pale, rounds out any casual outfit with a soft, gentle touch and brightens any day. The nude, also soft and sweet to look at, allows for the perfect shoe to wear for any more formal occasions where you want to be subtle and neutral, but still elegant and stylish. Both perfect for the romantic spirit of February, whilst also practical to wear everyday, not just on the 14th.

Then, ready for slipping on in the evening to jazz things up a bit, I’m keeping the love theme going strong with a pair of the Love Heart shoes. With that little extra heel for support, they’re the piece de resistance for my February nightwear – I’ll be keeping my dress and accessories simple and subtle, matching the gorgeous black velvet and glitter heart with small silver jewellery.

So whether you are in love with yourself, your significant other, or your shoes, keep the love of life strong this February and remember that love isn’t just for one day – love is for everyday!

Until next time

Stay stafe