Into the Wild sneakers

Into the Wild sneakers


Today I’m venturing out on a secret agent mission, to test how sneaky my new French Sole sneakers can really be. “Moochers”, that’s the name they’ve given to these super silent lace-ups and I’m told that they’ve become the favourite footwear of Californian celebrities and New York fashionistas. Why these country cousins across the pond need to sneak around, I don’t know but what was apparent, when I first laid eyes on these beauties, came to me in a lightbulb moment; being made from black nubuck leather (they also come in gorgeous tan) with a leopard print calf-hair toe-cap, I envisioned that the perfect place to put them through their paces would be this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

So I’ve opted for my secret agent casual chic look, a camouflage of blue shorts and a green blouse with a Peter Pan style collar, flower shape buttons and puff sleeves. I’m actually quite concerned that the disguise is so good that I may blend completely into the foliage! Nevertheless, needs must as I plan to make the most of the day and I shall not mooch, nor shall I play the wallflower. Au contraire! Rather I plan to slink, sashay, and perhaps even twirl around the beautiful flower displays, as silent as a butterfly and feeling just as free.

Remember, never say adieu, sneak up on someone you love today and rather say au revoir until we meet again, perhaps next time, with flowers in our hair.

I’m very curious how other French Sole fans are styling their French Sole sneakers! Do mention #frenchsoleblogbyamelie on your Instagram and I’ll be reposting the most creative looks on our FS page.

With love,

Amélie Florentine





Moocher Tan Spotted Toecap                                        Moocher Spotted Calf Leather                                         Moocher Black Spotted Toecap