Hefner: The Perfect Slippers to Slide into Winter With!

Hefner: The Perfect Slippers to Slide into Winter With!

With December fast approaching, so it’s the Winter season my lovelies. The coldest months can be hard to survive in the city, as temperatures lower and the days get shorter and shorter. But fear not, we have just the right flats for you to roll into the cold season with!

The Hefner designs are the most comfortable slippers you could ever find, while not losing their luxurious and elegant feel. They take inspiration from the 19th Century Gentlemen’s Opera Slippers so you know they are as classy as it gets!

If you are looking for a pair of classy slippers to wear on a cold day to the office, then the Hefner Black Velvet Gold Queen are perfect for you! They are our evergreen classic, with just a touch of originality that I know you will love.

If you want something quirky and a bit different, Hefner Black Velvet Bunny is the design you are craving for! While keeping the shape and colour of our classic Hefner design, these slippers will give you an edgy and original look everybody will be envious of!

Lastly, if all you wish for is a bit of colour in the darkest of months, Hefner Burgundy Velvet Floral will give you the right amount of glow to get through the Winter season!

Our Hefner designs will not disappoint you and they will leave you so comfortable and warm you won’t even notice the cold outside anymore!