Have a Spring in Your Step as we Head Towards Summer – Slippers, Slippers, Slippers!

Have a Spring in Your Step as we Head Towards Summer – Slippers, Slippers, Slippers!

Hello my dear readers!

Yes, I’ve got a big smile on my face – the sun is out (admittedly sporadically), restrictions are lifting, parks are full, BBQ’s are being dug out of garages and – most importantly – the most beautiful array of slippers have popped into French Sole ready for us to try on!

I am absolutely spoilt for choice; with a series of beautiful velvet bodies, each exquisitely embroidered, it’s incredibly difficult to narrow it down (I actually still have one of each pair in my shopping basket!) Let me walk you through my struggle to choose: on the one hand, the bee motif is a must-have – available in several designs. Shall I choose the Queen-bee, in painstaking detail, boldly embroidered in gold over a black body, or in a sophisticated and summery navy with the bee in stunning silver?

And once I’ve chosen my queen, what shall I do about picking her a hive or honeycomb?  The Bee motif is also available as a Hive, with a sweet bee buzzing away on your right foot, whilst the left is adorned with an equally sweet hive drizzling honey detail stitching. And if the hive isn’t quite to your taste there’s the honeycomb – again, the bee is beautifully sewn onto the left foot whilst the toe of the right is covered in an incredibly neat, gorgeous golden honeycomb pattern.

And that’s only the bee! Beyond that we have been presented with the beautiful burgundy velvet with the on-season floral detailing, the black velvet with the two cute bunnies peeping up over your toes, and potentially my favourite, the grey-bodied cat, who is always there to smile up at you from your feet. Not to forget the astronomically artistic sun and moon slippers, available in two different styles and colours of embroidery.

These shoes, dear readers, are special. I can’t wait to expand my collection a pair at a time – perfect for any occasion, but you can bet I’ll be slipping my feet into my gorgeous slippers for my first trip out to the theatre!


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