Gift the Gift of Choice!

Gift the Gift of Choice!

Hello, lovely readers.

We are in the swing of the New Year, and I’m on my way to being a year older! Now, in a few weeks my best friend, Susanne, bizarrely enough, is also about to turn 30 – yes, we are indeed the same star sign. However, despite sharing similar temperaments, strangely we have completely different taste in fashion and style! And so although I thought that I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to get her for her birthday this year, I realised whilst browsing the French Sole Marylebone store that what I had picked out was not in fact what she would want, but rather it was what I wanted her to get for me!

Isn’t it a nightmare, shopping for other people, only to accidentally end up shopping for yourself? I sat, slumped in one of the chairs, and struggled with myself, clutching to the beautiful red-glitter jaguar hair body Love Hearts I had just fallen head over heels for. Did I just buy them for myself and then get something else for Susanne and pray it would be something to her particular tastes? Did I buy her the red glitter and then, when she protested that she doesn’t wear red, generously take them off of her hands and distract her with a piece of cake? Did I buy something a little more plain and generic in the hopes that it couldn’t possibly go wrong – simple and neutral?

I bit my lip, pondered my dilemma, pondered getting a coffee and just texting Susanne the various options. But where is the mystery and suspense? Where is the fun in no surprise? As I cast my eye around I noticed, sat behind the till – my life saver. A gift card. That’s right – if you can’t make up your mind what gorgeous pair to gift a friend, you can buy them a gift card so that they can get the pleasure of trying on their own choices and getting to pick their perfect shoes out themselves!

Able to have any value allocated to them, and tucked into sweet purple holders ready to be presented, you can also order the gift card online and have it sent to your loved one, so that they get a wonderful surprise in the post! What better way to treat your friends and family?

Finally happy, I took the gift card with a huge beam on my face, imagine Susanne’s reaction when she was presented with something she could actually use. And then, naturally, I also took the red glitter for myself.

Until next time, dear readers,

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