French Sole Ballet Flats

French Sole Ballet Flats

A mere glimpse of French Sole Henrietta ballet flats will echo in me words such as Plie, Balancé, Coupé and Pas de bourrée. These are terms, that fill me equally with joy as much as with fear, for they form the core of my youth and those brief few years in which I studied ballet. And though the career as a prima ballerina was to be for me only a dream, my love affair with the craft continues to this day.

So I applaud French Sole for their proud support over many years of the English National Ballet and in particular, their decision to mark their continued successful partnership with a special photo shoot, featuring English National Ballet Soloist, Katja Khaniukova, who for the occasion wore my beloved Henrietta nude leather, India silver metallic and Henrietta black patent croc ballet flats. The most beautiful and iconic designer classic ballet flats worn by one of the most beautiful of ballerinas is surely a match made in heaven.

And heaven is a place that I’m very familiar with. Well that’s my name for it anyway. Those upper tier seats which you may know as the gods. Yes, the next time you find yourself at the ballet, look up and wave for I will most likely be there, in the gods or, my little slice of heaven, wistfully dreaming that perhaps I could return one day to the stage and perform… And in my French Sole ballet flats of course, a style that goes beautifully with all my day and evening dresses and is more than fitting to be seen in a theatre, on and off stage.

I’m very curious how other French Sole fans are styling their French Sole ballet flats! Do mention #frenchsoleblogbyamelie on your Instagram and I’ll be reposting the most creative looks on our FS page.


With love,

Amélie Florentine