Christmas Time: The Season To Be Jolly!

Christmas Time: The Season To Be Jolly!

At last, the most exciting and awaited time of the year is finally upon us: it is Christmas time my lovelies!

There is just something special about London over the month of December. The lights, the celebrations and all the Christmas markets around the city make it the most magical season of all!

If you love Christmas just as much as I do, then why not celebrate the best holiday in the best of ways, by wearing our gorgeous ballet flats?

If Christmas to you is all about exploring Winter markets and sipping mulled wine, then why not make it an even better adventure with our amazing Amelie Red Crocodile? The splash of colour will make your Christmas days even more exciting and everybody knows red is the best colour to wear at Christmas!

If you are ready to party your Christmas holiday away, then how about enjoying your nights out with our gorgeous Love Heart Navy Velvet? These glittery pumps will keep you company on the dance floor and make this magical time even better for you!

Finally, if you intend to spend your Christmas holiday shopping all around the city, our Hefner Black Velvet Gold Bee and Honeycomb is the perfect choice for you! These amazingly comfortable slippers will keep you warm for all your afternoon Christmas shopping. And if you have to rush around to get all your loved ones’ presents, fear not, our Hefner are the most comfortable for your shopping marathon!

Hope you lovelies have an amazing Christmas and an even better New Year!