Autumn Vibes

Autumn Vibes

Autumn is here, and maybe it’s been an incredibly difficult year, but the leaves are brown, pumpkins are sitting on people’s front porches, and one of my favourite coffee shops just bought out a subscription service that gets me a free coffee a day, so maybe it’s not all bad.

Oh! And of course, how could I forget- French Sole is winding up for the season with the expected arrival of plenty of beautiful new shoes!

This autumn I’ll be taking full advantage of the Halloween sale- ending on Monday the 2nd November, so if you’re reading this on Halloween eve you’d better jump onto the website to grab a spookily good steal- and finding myself a new pair of Penelope. The Penelope, with her pointed toe, is such an eye-catching and stylish shoe; I’ll be swapping my summer pair of sky blue suede for my new leopard print as I get ready for my stay-in Halloween. One benefit of a quiet Halloween- more chocolate left over for me!!

My other autumn choices this year will be the classy and easy-to-wear Amelie croc- in red on days when I need a cheeky splash of colour, and navy for my everyday style. I like to pair my Amelie with simple jeans and a cosy fluffy jumper for a comfortable but still fashionable look. Or I swap out my jumper for a sleek blazer if I need to hop on a business zoom call suddenly. Just because I’m working from home, it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my lovely flats from the comfort of my living room! And if I should continue to work from home I’ve got my eyes on some gorgeous new bee-embroidered slippers that I’ve put myself on the waiting list for- I’ll keep you posted on them next time.

Whether you’re wearing to impress your bubble of six, or whether you’re wearing them simply to feel good, we all need to take care of ourselves right now- so why not treat yourself to a pair of beautiful new shoes. I think after the year we’ve all had, you deserve it!

Stay Safe xx