All Treats, No Tricks!

All Treats, No Tricks!

With Halloween sweets filling the store shelves, this time of year is always dangerous for me. Just the other day I picked up two large boxes, one filled with tricks, the other, a treat. They were both a part of a playful indulgence on my part, the trick coming in the form of scary candy shaped like spiders and ghosts for a party that I’m attending. While in box number two, also destined for the party, I chose to treat myself to a pair of French Sole’s Board Walker slip-on sneakers made from luxurious black velvet. Embroidered with a skull designed by Barbara Hulanicki, the founder of BIBA, they are a real Halloween treat indeed!

My spooky indulgences didn’t stop there however, as for me, there’s no trick, it’s all about the treats. That’s probably why my shoe-closet is filled with French Sole ballet flats, velvet slippers and sneakers. They are my sweets, and only macaroons can divert my gaze. So it’s a good thing that I have French Sole in my life. I thank you, FS, and my waistline thanks you too!

So, surprise, surprise, I chose to spoil myself with another box of treats. Yes, I am wicked at this time of year but isn’t that what this holiday is all about? She said batting her long luxurious lashes. That’s why I couldn’t resist picking up a second pair of French Sole sneakers. These irresistible beauties are made of black calf hair leather, sparkling with glitter. After all, we all need a little bit of bling in the autumn, and I have a party to go to. But wait! Which pair will I choose to wear? Clearly, I need to find another party and remember ladies, if for whatever reason you opt against candies, why not treat yourself to a pair of shoes. Tricks are for kids and a treat in the form of French Sole footwear is for real Halloween fashionistas.

Happy Halloween!


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French Sole Board Walker

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