Welcome to Candyland- Make Lockdown a Bit Sweeter

Welcome to Candyland- Make Lockdown a Bit Sweeter

Well, here we are again Ladies and Gentleman. Lockdown 2.0 is mid-swing and we’re plodding our way into the winter season. The weather is getting gloomy, skies are dark by four in the afternoon, and I’m starting to forget how to talk to other people normally. 

Luckily, although covid might be able to cancel my social life (and my social skills!) it can’t cancel my sense of style – nor can it cancel French Sole’s continual drive to create more and more beautiful shoes. In the midst of all this madness, we have to find ways to keep ourselves sane and grounded- and my way is fashion. Every time I manically consider painting the walls red so that I can have new surroundings, I take myself onto my favourite store websites and find myself grateful for those working so hard to keep things going. 

And working hard they are! Taking myself onto the French Sole website for a little bit of retail therapy, I found myself checking out their latest collection – ‘Candyland’. The Candyland line and all that it represents is exactly what we need right now- a soft, playful, and fun collection focused on lightheartedness, warm colours and bright uplighting patterns. I promised you all last time that I would report on the new slipper line, and report I shall. For, among the gorgeous, sparkly new Amelies sit several pairs of my all-time favourite slippers, the comfortable, timeless Hefners. 

Adorned with several exquisite designs, I’ll be popping myself on the preorder list for all of them! Especially the stunning pink velvet with the sweet little frog Embroidery, a throwback to one of my favourite childhood fairy-tales. Yes please!

And if you want something a little less sweet and a little more edgy to shake up your routine of joggers and pyjamas (don’t worry, we’ve all fallen into that trap- even I’ve sacrificed my favourite winter jeans and skirts for pairs of comfy grey sweats this week) then you can throw yourself back into the world when lockdown ends (just a few weeks to go!) with something from the ‘In the Mood for Love’ collection. I know for a FACT as soon as I get back out there, it’s going to be in a pair of the black quilted Lola with the red snake toecap. Forget stepping out into the world, I’ll be kicking my way back with those on my feet and a sweet little black dress. 

So for all of you trying not to tear your hair out- now is the perfect time to get yourself on those preorder lists, and to order in what you can from the website. Take the time at home to wear in your new shoes, so that when you can take them out the supple leather has already molded around your feet.

And as always, stay safe! 



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